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     Order your Tykhe Dice set using PayPal  Using Tykhe Dice is revealing and entertaining in 2021. These are ‘First Edition’ collectable sets. UK PRICE:  £26.95 (mainland UK 2nd Class Royal Mail) FREE UK Shipping UK DELIVERY…

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    get answers

    “What do you see looking at these dice? Pictures…all  have a meaning for you; you could explain them, predict their values…and you’ve never seen them before! So already you KNOW how to use…

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    Plan for tomorrow

    How can I make use of my time?: How do I keep positive, when I get so much bad luck?: How do I know if I am taking my life in the right direction?: How do…

  • Tykhe Tyche

    make better choices

    My choices DO affect my life. Good choices WILL improve my life. My choices ARE affecting others in my life. My life is largely in my hands. I will get the tomorrow I build. …

  • key to your future

    you need Tykhe Dice

    ‘If you had a key to your inner self, would you use it?  How do we pronounce Tykhe?   Think ‘Nike’ but with a ‘T’ we also say tydice…if it’s easier. If you have…

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    unlock yourself

    see…tydice with Amy now discover yourself… We say we want change…but really we don’t! However, life never stands still, it’s changing everyday…so we have too, like it or not, never so much as…

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    dice and cards

    Tyke Dice sets now include the NEW 52 Tykhe Dice card set. The dice and cards combine to agree with many other divination methods So many methods of wisdom, traditions and divination are…

  • Goddess Tyche

    wisdom of Tykhe (Tyche)

     ‘Tykhe Dice’ may be an unfamiliar term today.’ Divination with Tykhe Dice. Chance, fortune and the elements flow through us in a constant stream of energy. Where we are and the path we are…

  • Ancient web

    secret of the web

    Before we look more closely at the Web and it’s symbolic meaning, here is just a little something to think on!  ‘It’s weave woven in those liminal spaces between light and darkness, all…