Booklet explained

The included 30 page Booklet contains all you need to know to get started with Tykhe Dice.

Here are a few examples from the booklet:

tydice reading book

There is no ‘fixed’ way to read Tykhe Dice. How you see them is from within: personal feelings, experiences, knowledge and beliefs. There are many aspects to the board, which you choose to use is up to you. As your experience and familiarity grows you will develop a working practice and insight unique to you.

Booklet explains: cast the dice read the meaning‘3 dice cast’ using the Tykhe board

‘Ask a question, cast the dice.’

Drop the dice from your closed hands
a hand width above the centre of the board.
note: The board and dice have been changed
here to make the example clearer.

regions of the Tydice board

The following is this example cast read by arianllwynog

Gender: Neutral
The horseshoe in self (*H0)
The fruit tree in (*H2) influenced by Aquarius/Saturn
The cat is in (*HC) influenced by Cancer/Moon

The near future with the horseshoe in self (*H0) is an omen of luck and good fortune in the outcome of any future plans, very much a symbol representing the female (feminine)

The fruit tree in (*H2) influenced by Aquarius/Saturn speaks of blossoming and expansion of your ideas indicating a period of happiness and good fortune in matters of property and general wealth.

The cat in (*HC) Cancer/Moon being very symbolic of mystery and the importance of relatives, your family and your home; speaking of an important event for your home or within the family so you must keep an open mind to all possibilities.

Note: In this cast the die are evenly spaced. When two die lie close to each other it indicates that the two (or three) should be viewed as ‘influencing’ each other.

page 5

*H0  H2  & HC are explained fully. These are the ‘areas’ in which the dice land.


Tydice horseshoe meaningHorseshoe: Symbolic of luck.

Key words: Fortune, luck, success, happiness.

An omen of good luck and of a fortunate outcome for your future plans. Gamble and succeed, a symbol representing the female, safety and security.

page 10

Saturn (
Capricorn, Aquarius) I always think of Saturn as a bit grim and pessimistic, somewhat earth bound, so is very subterranean ruling land and real estate, lies, past lives, obstacles, limitations, losses, banks, debts, institutions, the learning of life’s lessons, time and death.Also linked to festivals and great jollity (Roman Saturnalia).

His astrological signs are: Capricorn: known for pessimism, patience and prudence.
Aquarius: magic and inspiration.
Day of the week: Saturday.
Colours: Black, dark grey, brown and blue.
Metal: Lead and pewter.
Gems: Onyx, black tourmaline, jet, hematite, obsidian
Plants: Hemlock wolfs bane, ivy, henbane, nightshade.
Animals: Ravens, crows, goats and cloven footed animals such as pigs.
Element: Earth.

page 18

Element of Fire The element of Fire is seen as masculine associated with the South, midday and midsummer.

Astrologically linked to Sagittarius, Leo and Aries

Colours: Gold and orange.
Stones: Citrine, fire opal, amber, smoky crystals, copper and gold.
Humour: Hot and Dry “Choleric.
Plants: Scarlet flowers, berries and leaves
Animals: Hawk, foxes, squirrels, coyotes, salamander, porcupines, dragons, lions, deer, bear, mice, horses and snakes.

This element rules inspiration, enthusiasm, energy and life blood, sex, healing, anger and desire.

page 23

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