Elemental Dignities

elemental dignities

Elemental Dignities 

Elemental dignities are the influence of the elements. In Tykhe Dice they play an important role in how we interpret the ‘cast’ we see before us. How the  elements have influenced the ‘cast’ we have made. We will look at that later but first let us look at how these elemental dignities can relate to us in a human way.

elemental dignitiesThroughout this introduction we will use this simple illustration.

Here we have someone doing a task. The person on the ladder is you. To do your task you need the support of the two holding the ladder. If they have no ‘influences’  they are supportive and helpful.
Also if you have no ‘influences’ you can concentrate on your task. In this illustration all three are without influence and all is well.

In later illustrations we will denote the Elemental ‘influence’ of each of the three by changing the colour of their shirts. In addition each will have the Element that is influencing them written below their feet for clarity, Earth=E, Fire=F, Water=W and Air=A.



Looking at the Elements with Elemental Dignities


You can see from this diagram the ‘influences’ or ‘Elemental Dignities’ represented by the four ‘ladder’ groups between the elements.
At this point we can start to look at the significance an Element and it’s associated influences have. In our diagram the Elemental Dignities are represented by the two supporting figures. The person on the ladder is you. The two supporting figures represent the Elemental Dignities that support you. We call this a Triad. For those of you who use Tykhe orTarot, this term will be familiar.
In our simple diagram we will assume that you are neutral and therefore will appear dark grey in the following examples. This would not be the case of course but to help keep it simple we will use this method to explain the basics.

elemental dignities On the left the Elemental Dignities are Fire (red) and on the right Water (blue).
In this example your influence would be described as:

F  ^ W          (N) A lack of certainty

The (N) denotes that these two influences cancel each other out, the effect is Neutral (N)

Look again at the Looking at the Elements with Elemental Dignities diagram above, note how the four triads are shown.

Here is a simple list of Triads using the combinations that can occur and a brief interpretation of their meaning. Remember (N) means they cancel each other out.

F  ^ F           Active and very supporting

F  ^ W          (N) A lack of certainty

F  ^ A          Active and supportive (air feeding fire gains strength)

F  ^ E          (Mildly positive) Slowly moving forward

W  ^ F         Passive/Aggressive

W  ^ W        (Passive) Total support but so passive they are of no active use

W  ^ A         (N) Thinking with your heart not your head

W  ^ E        (Mildly positive) Supportive in a helpful way

A  ^ F         Acting on your ideas (if uncontrolled will run wild)

A  ^ W        (Quite unstable) A need to express feelings

A  ^ A         (Active) Totally supportive but liable to be like a runaway train.

A  ^ E         (Uncomfortable) Losing touch with reality

E  ^ F        (Neutral combination) Under control, at the beginning

E  ^ E        (Passive) Support but of little active use

E  ^ W       (Mildly  weakens) constrains

E  ^ A        (N) Supportive in a pleasant way

*Next stage introduction see: Tykhe Dice Triads


Does this all make sense?
Hopefully it does!
This has been a introduction to Elements and Elemental Dignities. There are many more things to learn but…this is how it begins. Tykhe Dice readings can use Elemental Dignities when you cast on the Tykhe Board. You don’t have to…but you can. Also Planets and the Zodiac are there too.
If you have any questions or found this useful please ask/join the FaceBook group:  Divination with Tykhe Dice.


HM & Nog, 2018