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Using Tykhe Dice is revealing and entertaining in 2024.
These are ‘First Edition’ collectable sets.

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The ETSY set includes what you see in the photo. The 30 page introduction to Tykhe Dice…is more than enough to get you started. Arianllwynog’s introduction really underpins just how empowering using Tykhe Dice can be. From the simplest ‘draw’…just one die from the dice bag, to a full 4 dice ‘cast’ on the Tykhe board and the 52 (26 double side) Tykhe card set.

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The Tykhe box is a strong ‘chest’ for your set, not a throw away carton.

Working with Tykhe Dice you will soon realise the possibilities are unbounded. Remember this site is both a forum and a resource so be sure to visit often.

‘Tydice work…they just do.’

on Tykhe Dice:

‘…I found confirmation in the reading, and it helped me focus where focus was needed.
I think you have an effective system here.’   Raven Grimassi    *author 

*Horns of HonorPatheos listed Grimassi in 2018 as one of the 25 most influential living pagans.

Casting the dice is easy

“I’ve seen it a hundred times as people cast for the first time at workshops and shows. The look on their face. The realisation takes over. I give the reading and it’s there…an answer.
‘I don’t even know the question, I don’t need to.’
A self awareness and connection kick in.  They see themselves, right there in the cast. It makes sense because they are joining the dots.”

Tykhe dice workshop  at Witchfest, Brighton, England
Guidance, Chance, will be called on when you ‘cast’ the dice. You see the elements of life from a different perspective, a new angle, one outside of normal awareness. You and the dice are working together. Where that leads you will be a truly personal journey.”

Alex 2021

A typical tydice cast, dice fall close to the centre: the now.

Avebury stone circle, Wiltshire, England
Avebury stone circle, Wiltshire, England Tykhe Dice sets posted from Marlborough, Wiltshire just a few miles from Avebury.

The Etsy Tyke Dice sets now include the NEW 52 Tykhe Dice card set.
These are 26 high quality linen finished double sided playing card KEYWORD cards. These make using and learning Tykhe Dice much easier and enjoyable. Not only do they make understanding each cast easier to read, they also add a new dimension to cast the dice. Each card integrates with the markings on the board. Relationships between traditional: Zodiac, Elements, Sacred Planets, Metals, Triads, Sacred oils and more.
There are infinite possibilities for ‘spreads’ and interpretation. Find your unique way of using them.

A Tydice cast with the associated tydice cards showing the , Zodiac, Elements, Metals, Planets, Crystals  and essential oils.

 Tykhe boxed setThe box contains more information

The Tykhe Dice board measures 14″ x 14″ ( 370mm x 370mm)
Box size: box is 14.5″ x 7.5″ x 2″ (380mm x 190mm x 50mm) 

Tykhe dice set to buyThe Tykhe Dice set is £27.00 in UK
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