Layers of the Tykhe Dice board explained

At first sight many people say the board looks ‘complicated.’ We prefer to call it ‘comprehensive.’

Tykhe Dice board

The Tykhe Dice board, as you see it.
The Tykhe Dice board, as you see it.

The board is charged with vails of knowledge and discovery.  The cultures and interpretations: the Elements, Planets, Zodiac, Constellations and Metals. There are deep relationships between these, and the Tykhe Board brings them together in one board. They lay with their corresponding partnerships.  Far easier to see than many charts or books.

How you use the board is a personal choice, which disciplines resonate with you is the most important thing. For ordinary dice casting you need not use them…but your curiosity will surely lead you deeper as time goes by.

The Tykhe Dice board is made up of layers. The layers overlap each other in accordance with established disciplines.

The illustrations below represent the layers, though enhancement has been added to make it a little clearer, some imagery does not appear on the board in this form.

The layers of the Tykhe board if they were shown in full. The relationships between, Elements, Planets, Zodiac, Constellations, Metals, Sun and Moon.

The Planets 

The Planets most used in Astrology (the Sacred Planets) are shown. These are represented on the Tykhe board by their Segment Symbol. The Sun (masculine right) and the Moon (feminine left) also lie at the centre of the board representing the ‘now’ in Tykhe Dice and  the centre of our Solar System. The shaded region or ring behind the planets represents the Oort Cloud It is suggested a ‘new’ planet or ‘mass’ exists there that has recently been named, Tyche

The Constellations

The constellations are laid out as they appear  Astronomically. The viewer is placed at the centre of the board looking along the segment for the attitude.
Here the constellations are given their Zodiac sign. The Tykhe board is divided into the Masculine and the feminine. The feminine signs appear on the left hand side of the Tykhe board and in the sequence they appear in the Zodiac. The masculine signs appear on the right hand side of the board in the order they appear in the Zodiac.

Our place in the Universe

We occupy a position in the heavens, the Tykhe board represents this. Whatever we experience or are influenced by, is played out in this firmament. The symbols of our nearest neighbour planets may be small on the board but they are there.

The Elements

The inner ring contains the Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air.

Looking at the segment Aries

The segment which is Aries contains the: Element, Constellation, Planet and Metal. Also the segment is on the masculine side of the board. These are connected in Astrology and other disciplines of Magic and Divination stretching back many centuries. You don’t have to remember this, it is all clearly marked on the index key of the board.

The Moon

(illustration only) The Tykhe Dice divide across the board *12.4 times. The approximate number of lunar cycles of the Earth each year. * some variation, in the Dice may not be exact due to manufacturing process


These will be explained in another article to appear.