Sunrise Midsummers day, Stonehenge, England
Sunrise Midsummers day, Stonehenge, England

Some believe in fate, others in deities, omens or luck. One thing most would agree is that our future is greatly influenced by our own actions. These actions are based on our experiences, needs, skills, and aspirations, though we all have a unique mix of these characteristics. What we all have in common are the same human material and emotional needs: safety, shelter, food, water and love…just to name a few.
Whether you find your understanding in the spiritual, psychological or instinctive Tykhe Dice will engage you in a fruitful, empowering and positive way. With 1000’s of readings, both first hand and online over the last 4 years, one thing is clear, Tykhe Dice are welcome tools in self-advancement and understanding.

Exploring your own psyche is difficult…Tykhe Dice offers a connection, inspiration…call it what you will! These simple symbols have been with us for countless generations, created, defined, interpreted and re-drawn. They are as insightful as ever…for as people we share the same feelings, needs and desires.

Tykhe in our time:

Through the human eye, the universe is infinite outward and inward

Social interaction, communication, relationships, values and knowledge have developed so much over the last 100 years; ever expanding.

And this advance has come from within us and our collective efforts to make it happen.
Tykhe Dice symbols are common metaphors but they are not fixed in historical meaning.
Over time these meanings change, synthesis and embrace new concepts; they evolve in the context of their time; their symbolism is a fluid subjective evolution.  These symbols signify emotions, desires and sometimes fears. They are a signifier ormirror held up to our consciousness and nature. And so through this two-way interaction (culture, advancement, fulfilment and interaction) we move forward.
In Tykhe, what we were, what we are and where we want to be are all planes of the present…the now. Knowledge and vision, hope and commitment are, and always have been such tools to enlightenment. The Tykhe board represents the vastness of our universe beyond…and at the same time behind the human eye to see and reach for our needs within.