Elements: Tykhe board

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Elements on the Tydice board

ElementsWithin Tykhe Dice each symbol is signified by one specific Element when cast.

The Tykhe board is divided into 12 segments, each is represented by a sign of the Zodiac, a Constellation, a Metal, a Planet and an ELEMENT.

The four Elements are arranged in the diagram. To the right of the board the male Elements: Fire, Water. To the left the female Elements: Water, Earth.

When we cast the dice, the dice fall onto the board and the corresponding Element can be seen. i.e. where the dice symbol rests.

Apart from the apparent influence on the symbol itself these elements also modify the significance and even the meaning of the symbol dependent on the surrounding symbol(s).

Using the Elements in a Tykhe reading is one of the fascinating variations possible. At first you may not be concerned with this aspect…but it is there, and as you develop your skills you can explore deeper. Elements are explained further here […]

For those familiar with the use of Elements and Elemental Dignities:

Here is a summary of using Tykhe Dice Triads.

*Triads are explained in much more detail here […]


It makes for an interesting reading when Tykhe Dice symbols are read as a triad with the two symbols flanking a central symbol allowing us to concentrate upon the central symbol.

  • 1)  When the elements of each symbol are the same they can be seen as strong of either good or ill according to their nature. (When the two supporting symbols are of a like mind, they are able to increase the effects of their being for good or ill, depending on their individual symbol meaning.
  • 2)  If the elements are both active/masculine or passive/feminine they can be seen as friendly towards each other and therefore moderately strong as in fire/air or water/earth, they are able to increase the power/strength of the other, once again whether this is for good or ill you have to look closer at the specific symbols.
  • 3) Elements that may be seen as complementing each other, we look upon these as somewhat friendly as in fire/earth or air/water. There interaction is somewhat ineffectual more akin the irritating each other, possibly mildly correctional or even therapeutic, but having no major impact regarding strengthening or weakening each other.
  • 4) If the elements are contrary (ill dignified) they will tend to weaken each other neutralising their force as in fire/water or air/earth, when reading the effects of casting symbols that are contrary to each other tends to cancel each other out.
  • 5) To add more to the mix! Any contrary element found in only one flanking symbol, allows the other to become a connecting symbol, the first or centre symbol is not weakened, but purely modified by the influence of both symbols, and can be seen as fairly strong. In other words the central symbol then overcomes the neutralising effect of the contrary flanking symbol, due to the more friendly aspect of the opposite flanking symbol be it for good or ill

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