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100’s of public casts readings have been done at festivals, online, shows & workshops.

A review of his reading

From Raven Grimassi  famous author: 

yes, the reading was pertinent to my situation. The symbols that came up were ones that have particular meaning in my own Path, and so this added to the significance of the message. I found confirmation in the reading, and it helped me focus where focus was needed. I think you have an effective system here.

American author of over 20 books, including topics on WiccaStregheriawitchcraft and neo-paganism. “Book of the Year” winner
Review and introduction to Tykhe Dice, Pagan Dawn published this article in May 2016. You may notice the board and dice have developed since then but the basic Tykhe set remains. The second edition of, ‘Understanding Tykhe Dice’ was released in October 2016 to update the images and readings.
Children of Artemis COA September 2016

FIVE Star on eBay 

Witchfest, Brighton, UK 2016. Workshops:

 “Great workshop, learned a lot, as opposed to some of the more mainstream speakers who were more hogwash than Hogwarts!”
Organiser comment: Nick O’Connor,