The four dice used in tydice

“What do you see looking at these dice? Pictures…all  have a meaning for you; you could explain them, predict their values…and you’ve never seen them before! So already you KNOW how to use the dice. The symbols are  deliberately simple and intuitive for that very reason.”

‘Tykhe Dice won’t teach you anything but they will show you so much’

 get started

Let us say you want to know:
Is moving away from home really a good idea?

Think about your question   Roll the dice in your hands

Prepare your question (avoid yes/no questions) be clear in your mind what you are asking the dice.
Roll the dice gently between your hands while thinking about your question.

Hold the dice above the centre of the board  Drop the dice in the centre of the board
Hold your hand, or both if you prefer, above the centre of the *Tykhe Dice board.
It only needs to be a hand width above the board. Release the dice from your hands,
they will spread across the board.

Read the meaning of the cast from the booklet or cardsLook at the symbols that are uppermost, these symbols will resonate with you and lead you to your answer.

Fruit tree tykhe cardConsult the booklet supplied or the Tykhe cards to understand and interpret the reading.

Reading will become  intuitive as you work with the dice; but even from the outset it is very straightforward.

What is Tykhe dice doing? It is drawing the answer from within you. Engaging you in another way, combining your inner self with your conscious self. Not allowing you to make the same connections you usually do. Is that magic, guidance or simple human psychology? More the later…but your call.
Tykhe dice is the combination of thousands of years and techniques and tradition, inclusive of current understanding…in a modern, enlightened world.

You may not get a full answer from the first cast, but it will guide you to other considerations, aspects perhaps you are overlooking. Keep asking, keep rolling…keep considering. You are exploring your thoughts and emotions…that is your guide.

This is less chance and more self understanding. Entertaining and insightful. Connections and combination of your feelings, needs and outlook. A means of personal self understanding…Know Thyself…the key to a better future and happiness.

*This is a simple cast, there are many more levels you will see on the Tykhe Dice board. As you work with the set you will follow a path in reading and interpreting the many layers that the Tykhe Dice set reveals.


*Tykhe, the Greek Goddess spirit of fortune, chance, providence and fate.