You have the key to your inner self…will you use it?
What do you need to know?

How do we pronounce Tykhe?   Think ‘Nike’ but with a ‘T’
we also say tydice…if it’s easier.

Raven Gramassi

Raven Grimassi, was an American author of over 20 books, including topics on WiccaStregheriawitchcraft and neo-paganism.

His review of his own Tykhe Dice reading:

“…I found confirmation in the reading, and it helped me focus where focus was needed.
I think you have an effective system here.”   Raven Grimassi    *author 

*Horns of HonorPatheos listed Grimassi in 2018 as one of the 25 most influential living pagans.


Everyone would like to peep into their future, to know what will happen.
Is that possible? Well yes and no.
Tykhe Dice is a collection of insights and wisdom that has spanned millenia of methods.
From the Greeks to the present day. Is it fortune telling or predictions?
Predictions are based on you and what you do. Your path through life is largely down to how you live it. That isn’t fortune telling.

‘Once thought the preserve of  the unseen powers.’

Divination with tydice
Divination with Dice.

Chance, fortune and the elements flow through us in a constant stream of energy. Where we are and the path we are taking are both visible and invisible. Our lives are in constant flux, as the energies mix and flow in a spectrum of possibilities.

Tykhe dice reveals the aspects of ourselves in the roll of the dice. It does this with very easy to understand symbols.Where we are, what influences us and our possible future. We can influence the hand of  fortune and future. As the dice spread across the casting cloth; the Zodiac, Elements, Sacred Planets, Metals, Aspects (of life) and Runes are revealed.

Tykhe Dice is the past and the present…today

the past, present and future

The set reflects the changing knowledge we now have, while retaining the old. Carl Jung’s study of the psyche in no way undermined the systems the ancients had used, they merely identified some of the ‘mechanisms’ by which we operate. Further research by Abraham Maslow, in particular ‘needs’ identified more aspects of ‘how we work’. Far from being in conflict with ancient philosophy, Tykhe Dice as a method of self realisation and ‘prediction’ that has a firm grounding in what would be called ‘science.’ by some and ‘magick’ by others. Is there a conflict? Perhaps a lack of available knowledge and understanding of how we guide ourselves and our lives?

Some things are easier to do than explain. The complexity of a ‘cast’ could fill a book but to most of us it is a simple exercise and the meaning almost instinctive. Even the act of casting is a simple thing to do but if you were to explain the infinite complexity of eye, hand, muscles and intent needed to do it…that would fill more than a book!

‘Tykhe Dice’ may be an unfamiliar term today but that is changing fast.’

Tykhe, the Greek Goddess spirit of fortune, chance, providence and fate

Greek Goddess Tykhe (Tyche). The protector and bringer of luck and fortune

Greek Goddess Tykhe. The protector and bringer of luck and fortune. Once a mighty Goddess with immense importance in Greek life. You may not of heard of Tykhe but you have probably heard of Fortuna, and the Wheel of Fortune?  Fortuna is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess Tykhe.  Divination with dice is time honoured. Dice were originally created for this purpose. Only later were they used for other things.  “the die is cast” (die is a single dice)

Dice were first created for divination

In ancient history, the concepts of chance and randomness were intertwined with that of fate. Many ancient peoples threw dice to determine fate, and this later evolved into games of chance. At the same time, most ancient cultures used various methods of divination to attempt to circumvent randomness and fate.  wikipedia article 

Whether dice like Tykhe dice existed is unknown…though dice with symbols used for prediction/divination certainly did.