tydice image of the tykhe board and dice.

How can I make use of my time?: How do I keep positive, when I get so much bad luck?: How do I know if I am taking my life in the right direction?: How do I know if I am making the right choices?: Is normal for me the same as others?

If you ask these…you want answers, we all do. You can answer all of them…if you focus on the things that matters: what you want and what you are capable of.

‘Know thyself’ (Plato) that is where you start.

Use the dice to understand yourselfIf you want a better standard of life or find the inner you, the answers are inside you already…locked away. Bring them out.

You could read your CV but that is only one part of you.

We react to the world and life, both emotionally and rationally. You can’t have one without the other. A decision based on good sense is fine…but if it goes against your nature…it won’t last; or at worst it will make you deeply unhappy. It needs to be a combination of the two…right? But deciding that isn’t always so easy, without the emotional response in front of you…your guessing.
What’s needed is to engage with that inner you…test yourself  but how?

A little example here for fun…I think you will see where it’s going.
You’ve been given the chance to go on a long holiday trip. I ask you to name five different types of music you really like to take with you…and you can only take five. You get one or perhaps two easy. That decision is based on what you used to like, currently listen to, good memories.

Then I play lots of pieces of music to choose from, you will react to each. Some you will like some you won’t. There may even be ones in there you never knew about! Your decision then would be based on your emotion and your tastes…all of you is at work. If this sounds a bit unlikely try watching some YouTube reaction videos…Rappers falling for Symphonic Metal!
You would choose from the now…who you are for the trip. Or be sat  there in a Hotel room in Bangkok…wondering why you brought those old downloads you always play.
The point of this fun example is clear, make decisions based on all of you, as you are now. Don’t just do what you always do…unless you are totally happy of course! Habit and repetition of past decisions will stop you moving forward.

Tydice (Tykhedice we use both) does just that…it gives you an emotional reaction to your questions…makes you think…join the dots for yourself. And that is how you move forward. Simple, fun and very powerful. It’s psychology…and it works. Tried and tested.

Ephemeral realms through the human eye
Ephemeral realms through the human eye
Ephemeral realms through the human eye

The eye is the window to the universe but also to the inner self. It is a two way highway to knowledge and understanding. The Tykhe dice board reflects this, the wisdom and enlightenment you seek is both inward and outward. Through its veils and layers of culture, myths and magic, science and exploration we see the world…and it sees us. It is never fixed…always adapting to the changing light, subject, interest and colour of our life. As should we.