Tykhe Dice Triads

Tykhe Dice Triads

elemental dignities

It’s time to look at our three people and a ladder, three things to remember.

1) Above all else, when reading Elemental Dignities in a triad the centre Symbol is the most important.
2) The centre symbol is modified by the two flanking symbols.
3) A centre symbol can either have its ‘meaning’ strengthened by the flanking symbols, ot weakened by the flanking symbols.

Once you fully understand that the centre symbol is the most important, the system will fall neatly into place.

The centre symbol provides the ‘meaning’ but the flanking symbols modify the importance of that ‘meaning’.

Right it’s time to cast the dice, each of the examples presented below, build one on top of the other. Don’t rush this, take your time working through these examples, but most of all, have fun with them.

When we cast three dice we might have something that looks like this:

Example 1

This is a picture illustration of the Tykhe Dice board as it would appear in a cast with the Elements highlighted. A ‘key’ to the Elements is printed on the board for you to refer to.
From now on we will show only the dice and their Element influence.

Water          Fire            Air

Water (modifier)   Fire(centre)   Air (modifier)

Focus on the centre dice of the triad, it provides the meaning in your reading.

Water (modifier)  Air (modifier)—-Fire (centre)

The left flanking symbol is modifying the centre dice. It will either strengthen the centre symbol ‘meaning’ or weaken the centre symbol ‘meaning’.

Here we can see that both of the flanking symbols are responsible for modifying the centre symbol meaning. This is the basic dynamic that is created when reading triads using the Elemental Dignities. The centre symbol has all the ‘importance’ while the flanking symbols tell the reader just how important the centre symbol really is.

Example 2

For simplicity let us assume the same three Symbols were cast

dice cast

water elementfire element  air element

Fire (centre)


Here we can clearly see what happens when the two flanking symbols are elementally contrary to each other—they now don’t have any modifying effect over the central symbol. The central symbol stands alone.

Using Elemental Dignities can provide the Tykhe Dice reader with really useful information, but the most important bit of information Elemental Dignities provides is knowing which symbols are highly influential and which symbols aren’t.