Why Tykhe, the Greek Goddess?

‘Tykhe (or Tyche): the Greek Goddess of fortune, protection. Dice laid at Her feet even then, ‘dice’  in divination were well established.
Looking back in history, Julius Caesar on January 10, 49 B.C. “The die is cast” (a single dice is a ‘die’) as he led his army to victory. How often do we still hear that famous phrase! It is still with us today:  The Die is Cast (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).
The ancients sought guidance, Tykhe and later Fortuna embodied that fountain of knowledge. It is an old tradition to use and benefit from.

Tykhe Dice contains 2500 yrs of ‘divination’ tradition.  The symbols on the die represent 18 key aspects of life, each selected and considered through generations, refined over the centuries.
(Using dice in divination predates Tarot and Runes by 1000’s of years.)

Revealed in simple symbols, the major needs of life! Current situation, love and direction, everyday matters, finance and opportunity. A true reflection of the inner you, thoughts, hopes, fears, emotions, experience and dreams.

Where you lead your life is largely in your own hands. Tykhe Dice and the casting board will draw out your inner empowerment. Let Tykhe unlock the mystery, chance and an elusive ‘X’ factor in you.