Why we need Tykhe Dice.

‘Tykhe Dice resonates with something fundamental in us.’

Some people believe in fate, others in deities, omens, luck or magic. Most would agree our future is largely influenced by our own actions and the decisions we make.  We base these actions on experiences, needs, skills, instincts and aspirations; in that way, we are all the same.

‘Each of us is a unique mix of characteristics and emotions.’

The subconscious accounts for around 98% of our actions, it is believed, who we are as individuals is drawn from an almost infinite combination of factors.

We all have the same basic needs: safety, shelter, food, water, love and from those building blocks we create our path in life; the same things but we use them differently.

Whether you find your understanding and direction in the spiritual, psychological or instinctive Tykhe Dice will engage you in a fruitful, empowering  positive way. Building blocks to make choices in life.

We have done 1000’s of Tykhe Dice readings, both first hand and online over the last 4 years, one thing is clear, Tykhe Dice is an amazing portal into the realms of the self.  Why does it work? Probably because it is tried and tested, drawn from the wisdom, philosophy and spiritual learnings over many millennia. Symbolic alchemy, magic, psychology, belief, instinct, call it what you will. It has one other great strength, that of being in tune with our time.

Exploring your own psyche is difficult but Tykhe Dice offers a window, a portal to insight and inspiration. Such simple symbols, which have been with us since we first made marks on cave walls. They are as powerful and insightful as always…we haven’t really changed that much.

Tykhe in our time:

Social interaction, communication, relationships and understanding have advanced so much over the last 100 years; Freud, Jung, body language…the discovery of ourselves is ever expanding. We know so much more but our desire to push forward never tires, is never satisfied.
Life doesn’t appear to get easier we still have to deal with the same challenges.

No one person can answer all the questions or have the experience of a lifetime to work with. But we are a society, we share and learn from those that went before us. Each of us has the comfort of knowing we are not alone, we have others who can guide and comfort us. To do this we use a language, whether spoken, heard or seen.

Symbolism through imagery is Tykhe Dices’ language. Unlike the symbols of written language, they are learned from experience, more instinctive. The Symbols used are common metaphors, symbolism in its simplest form, not fixed in historical meaning or context. A skull is a skull and always will be. It’s meaning is clear…mortality.

Over time, these symbolic meanings adapt, synthesise and embrace new contexts in our world;  They still however, retain their basic meaning. 

Tykhe Dice embraces this ‘variation’ in meaning, it is not fixed, interpretation is personal.
The symbols signify emotions, desires and sometimes fears.
They are a trigger, a mirror held up to our consciousness and nature. Through this two-way interaction we move forward.
In Tykhe Dice,  what we are and where we want to go are all planes of the present…the now. Knowledge and vision, hope and commitment are, and always have been,  tools to self-enlightenment.

The Tykhe board gives context and relationships to the dice cast. It contains many relationships and methods of interpretation. In addition, it represents the vastness of our universe both outward and inward, with us at the centre. To see beyond ourselves and within ourselves through the basic symbol of a human eye.

Tykhe Dice, a tool of self-empowerment.
Paul Frederick 2016